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So what is solar power, exactly?

It is an electric current generated from sunshine. The sun’s heat is transformed into DC power and directed to a battery or inverter. The battery stores surplus electricity and the inverter creates AC power for immediate use.

Ok, so know you know the anatomy of a solar system. It’s time for the deep dive.

Here Are Some of the Topics We Cover Inside:

Green business ideas : Consumers are more conscious about the environment than ever before. That’s why you might want to set up an eco-friendly business. Take solar panel installation services for an example. It is easy to open, profitable, and in line with our little eco-friendly agenda. This idea will attract a lot of like-minded people, but that doesn’t mean they will opt for your services.

The success of this business lies in service delivery, pricing and relevant experience. Nobody wants to hire a one-person company with zero reviews. If you get past that point, the business will definitely flourish.

Check out our full blog for more eco-friendly business ideas, like this one.

How to set up a solar farm for your business : If you are tired of paying high energy bills, then a solar farm is what you need. Think of it as an alternative source of power that can replace your grid connection. Better yet, you can sell the surplus energy to utility companies for profit. That way, you get reduced energy bills and a passive income stream. All you need is a good developer, the right budget and a license to sell electricity. For more information on this exciting topic, check out our full blog.

Advantages of solar systems : Renewable energy has many benefits. To begin with, it is a clean source of electricity. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power will always be a viable option for most people around the world.

Conversely, fuel sources such as petroleum, gas and coal all form through a geological process that takes millions of years. On top of that, they also release toxic gases when burnt.

Solar systems, on the other hand, release zero emissions when producing electricity. Find out more about the advantages of solar systems in our in-depth blog.

Challenges of solar power : Just like any other system, solar energy has its set of challenges. For instance, most panels are only 25% efficient. The remaining 75% of sunshine goes to waste, and there is little we can do about it. Plans are underway to make this technology better, but it still nowhere near mass production. Experts say the best they can hope for is 33% efficiency. Anything above that would be prohibitively expensive.

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